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Zero downtime ensures cost reduction

Installation of TMOS SCADA can be done online (with machine running) and does not require any Mark V firmware upgrade. Likewise for Mark IV, Mark IV+, Mark VI and Mark VIe owners. TMOS SCADA supports all the native Communication Protocols.

Direct Integration

For GE SPEEDTRONICTM Mark V control system, TMOS SCADA supports the native Stage Link protocol and can be integrated directly into the ARCNET network. The entire modernization, upgrade or replacement will be performed without requiring an outage. This is possible because the new HMI computers will be installed and commissioned alongside the old HMIs and will be operated simultaneously.

The new HMI will be brought online, commissioned, and tested in operation for some time before the old HMI will be decommissioned. Thus, no interface or control system downtime is necessary.

TMOS SCADA utilizes the original site files in the unit directory. These files are parsed and used by the TMOS software. Much of the new HMI setup and configuration will be performed before the hardware will be shipped to the site, reducing required site time and thus reducing costs.


Everything is possible

We learn by doing. We know the value of sharing success stories and lessons learned - our own as well as those of others. It is important to know about the network architecture as networks play a very important role in monitoring systems.

Implementation of TMOS SCADA is highly flexible, therefore it can be very cost-effective in creating a robust, scalable and comprehensive control and interfacing network.

Example 1

TMOS SCADA can directly replace your aged HMI and connect directly to the control system, or on another hand, functions in parallel with your existing HMI without any shutdown required.

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Example 2

This example shows the capability of TMOS SCADA as the main interface communicating with multiple SPEEDTRONICTM control systems. Two TMOS SCADA servers are configured as redundant pair and interfacing with 3 Mark V, 2 Mark VIe and 3 Mark IV. In each local cubicle having a Mark IV control system, TMOS Mark_IV server program is installed and running in the industrial fanless computer communicating with Mark IV via serial interface, and serving the data to the remote servers via TCP/IP local area network (LAN), and then to all the other data clients. All the data from Mark IV, Mark V and Mark VIe are also being served to OSI PI server via OPC DA and EA protocol.

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Example 3

In example 3, TMOS SCADA is used as a hub of information.

A TMOS SCADA server takes the gas mass flow readings from smart meters and gas energy readings from the gas chromatograph via serial communication links, combining real-time generator power generation value from Mark V to perform instantaneous gas turbine efficiency calculation. The dynamic results of calculation are displayed on the operator's screen and available to be archived or transported to any third party interfaces. Other data from various monitoring devices are also channeled to the server and displayed on the workstation.

Thanks to the TMOS SCADA's support on many industrial communication protocols, calculations can be done more accurately with variables on very close timestamps. See diagram below for this example:

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Example 4

In this example, two TMOS SCADA servers are configured as redundant pair and interfacing with 3 ITS MACH7 advanced turbine control systems coupled with generator excitation controller, protection and motor control center in a single network. This implies comprehensive information access from a single workstation. The plant information can also be monitored from a far remote site via secured VPN connection.

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Communication Protocols and Interfaces

Talk like a native

Be amazed by what and how you can put together with TMOS SCADA. Below is the list of developed protocols and interfacing options. This list grows with every project we conclude.

Supported protocols

Supported Time-Synchronization

Supported interfaces:

We will gladly customize your choice of communication protocol upon request.

Hardware and Operating Systems

Top components for best results.

High Quality IT Server and Computing Components Hardware

When designing a control architecture for TMOS SCADA, ITS engineers scrutinize every detail to ensure an almost zero risk of failure from every part of the network.

Unlike many HMI vendors on the market, who charge premium rates on software licenses but only provide standard quality hardware, TMOS SCADA will be installed and run in the most robust and highest quality hardware possible for its applications per se. However, TMOS SCADA software does not really have strict hardware specifications and requirements.

TMOS SCADA on Server Hardware

TMOS SCADA running server applications will be implemented in a highly reliable and easily maintainable server hardware.

The characteristics of a highly reliable server hardware include, but are not limited to:

TMOS on single Workstation

TMOS SCADA can also be installed as a stand-alone application in a single workstation. The workstation supplied will be of industrial grade hardware with multi-head display card and crisp clear LCD displays.

Redundant Server and Network

In a TMOS SCADA architecture where TMOS server and client applications split on different hardware, redundancy is the next key factor to ensure high availability. TMOS SCADA programs automatically form redundancy when there are more than one servers coexist in a singular, or redundant network.

High Availability Virtual Server Configuration with Storage Area Network (SAN)

The traditional HMI-Controller architecture becomes impractical and costly if it were to implement a robust network architecture on a very large scale, i.e. interconnecting several remote sites and a central monitoring center.

TMOS SCADA takes advantage of the recent advancement and maturity of virtualization, SAN and SQL server redundancy technologies, such implementation can now be done with very high server availability but at lower cost/workstation ratio.

To see how TMOS SCADA can be implemented, visit the Architecture samples

Installation without disturbing the daily operation

You may install TMOS SCADA while retaining your existing HMIs, if you choose not to get rid of them. TMOS SCADA works perfectly fine along side GE or or any other HMIs.


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