Introduction - TMOS SCADA - Turbine Monitoring System

The economically rational solution prepared for the future.

Area of Application

Fits easily and everywhere

TMOS SCADA has been developed primarily for the Power Generation Industry, mainly to monitor gas turbines. To those customers who have aging GE or Cimplicity™, TMOS SCADA is the safest and most cost-efficient choice to retrofit their systems. It can be integrated into the existing network structure safely.

It can interface with GE SPEEDTRONICTM range of control systems including Mark IV, Mark IV+, Mark V, Mark VI and Mark VIe via their native communication protocols. With strong knowledge on GE controllers and software designing skills, installing TMOS SCADA does not require any additional hardware, PLC upgrade nor machine outage.

TMOS SCADA is able to communicate with a wide variety of control systems and field devices. Thanks to its growing list of supported communication protocols and interfacing options, our customers actually prefer TMOS SCADA over the OEM <HMI> in many aspects.


Robust, reliable, economical, flexible, versatile

TMOS SCADA is a product that strives to meet your expectations. We believe each customer and site is unique. Our mission is to learn the requirements and expectations of each individual case and then to customize our product accordingly.

Economical Key Facts

TMOS SCADA is an easily justifiable investment if you look at the flexible and powerful features it has to offer:

Operational Keyfacts

TMOS SCADA ensures operational success. Our core design focusses on enhancing the user experience by diligently working to make the performing of critical daily tasks as easy as possible with the following operational methods:

Technical Keyfacts

TMOS SCADA has consistently been a benchmark among its competitors and we always aim to keep the quality above the par, especially concerning the technical aspects. Below are some of the technical key points that TMOS SCADA offers:


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