Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for TMOS SCADA by ITS

The following are the answers to the questions most frequently asked by our customers.


TMOS SCADA is a next generation Human Machine Interface (HMI) and SCADA system. It was designed primarily to interface with older GE Speedtronic Turbine Control Systems like Mark IV or Mark V, and modern systems like Mark VI/VIe and Siemens PLC systems. Today, with its growing functionalities and features the possibility stretches beyond the classical implementation paradigm to include automation information data hub, communication protocols translator and historical information storage and retrieval engine. There are no limitations in sight.

Where is TMOS SCADA used?

TMOS SCADA is being used in various key power plants, cum oil and gas facilities world-wide. For the time it is interfacing with GE Speedtronic Mark V via its native Stage Link protocol, with ITS MACH7 via Ethernet, various PLCs and DCSs, Bently Nevada and flow computers with Modbus serial/TCP, third party software (e.g. OSI PI) via OPC, and alerting systems like ESPA444.

How long takes the installation of TMOS SCADA?

The answer depends on the complexity and scale of the implementation. For most situations TMOS SCADA can be installed in a plug-and-play manner (for example connecting to the Stage Link network) in just an instant.The user pictures can be customized according to the requirements and habits of the operator. Therefore, no additional training for the staff is necessary.

What are the devices that TMOS SCADA can be connected to?

The answer is communication-protocol-centric, meaning it depends on the protocol that a device supports. It is 100% compatible with GE Speedtronic Mark IV and Mark V with even all the maintenance tools available. TMOS SCADA is able to communicate with today's most popular open protocols like MODBUS and OPC. And the best part is our library is always growing. Tell us your needs and we will develop a customised solution.

Will the installation of TMOS SCADA incur outage or affect the normal operation?

Not at all. TMOS SCADA can always be installed online without any hardware upgrade or updates on the device to interface with.

Which additional values can TMOS SCADA generate?

Functionality and reliability. TMOS SCADA is always the best choice to upgrade your ageing HMI system with enhanced reliability to software and hardware perspective. Its powerful communication capability and information visualisation functionalities will ensure you maximum ROI for many years.


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