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Perfect connectivity

Interlink is a uniquely enhanced user-experience feature that TMOS SCADA embeds in the core of its programs design. We believe that programs should be made modular but the information should be interlinked. Interlinking is not limited to only common information access, but also bringing the interaction of objects in different programs to a very high level.

Drag & Drop

Information where you need it

Drag and drop is considered to be an important program design approach in TMOS SCADA. Contrary to the traditional text-based programming languages, TMOS SCADA applications support a number of features for handling drag and drop.

This allows the user to click and hold the mouse button down over an element, drag it to another location, and release the mouse button to drop the element there. A translucent representation of what is being dragged will follow the mouse pointer during the drag operation. The drop location may be a different application, extensions or tool which makes use of this functionality to customize the target elements.

Example of this is a signal which can be dragged from sources like a display or a signal finder tool to receiver like a trending tool. It will be added as a signal to trend without requiring any further configuration.

Alarm Help

Specific information when you need it most

Once upon a time, in order to find out the root cause of an alarm, the engineer and the maintenance personnel had to use the alarm drop number to look up the alarm signal name from a mapping list, and finally look up the relevant sequencing programs by the signal name - Not anymore with TMOS SCADA!

The Rung Display is interlinked to the Alarm Display. Simply right click on any alarm in the Alarm Display list, a small pop-up window will display the alarm signal name, and by clicking on that pop-up it only requires one more click to display the alarm coil in the sequencing program (Rung Display). Right clicking on the Diagnostic Alarm list entry will display the help texts. Less pain, more gain!

Tag Information

Unrestricted transparency

Signal names used by the control systems are generally not intuitive. It would take years for a fresh user to be familiar with the convention used and for one to memorize what a signal name alias displayed really means. It can sometimes be a cumbersome process if one were to obtain all the information regarding that signal.

Understanding this problem, TMOS SCADA's Signal Information tool comes to your aid. Just by clicking on any signal/tag on any displays or tools, a user has access to all the information regarding that signal/tag.

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