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Your needs are our guidelines

With TMOS SCADA, we wish to help our customers to achieve operational excellence and success. TMOS SCADA programs are designed to be intuitive to use, powerful, efficient and illustrative.

Understanding that not all customers' needs are the same, TMOS SCADA is therefore made to be both inclusive and exclusive. By being inclusive, it offers comprehensive functionalities and features. Being exclusive implies that it has flexibility to be customized and adapting to unique individual user's requirements.

Display Features

Not only simple visualization - Limitless design possibilities

TMOS SCADA's user interface display has many unique features which distinguish itself from the norm, to name some of them:

Multiple and Resizable Displays

With TMOS SCADA it is now possible to monitor multiple processes that are drawn on separate graphical displays.

Multiple displays can be opened and moved across multiple monitor screens. This convenience is a gift to the operator who often needs to co­rrelate critical information and events across various processes. Each display is resizable. As each of the graphics are drawn based on vector graphic elements, resolution will not be affected even after resizing, with or without original aspect ratio.

Customizable Graphics Design

Customizing and building TMOS SCADA graphics is easy and quick. However we understand that not all customers want to get their hands dirty. ITS engineers and programmers are always willing to help customize the graphics according to your unique requirements. Example of TMOS SCADA graphics selection (not limited to the list below):

Operational Displays

Clearly understandable information for your decisions

TMOS SCADA display client animates dynamic and real time information being fed from the server components.

Based upon a 24-bit color depth and pixel mapped drawing engine, TMOS SCADA's graphics animating engine allows you to display your plant information with a customizable resolution with details that look nice and precise, whether in Standard Definition (SD) or High Definition (HD) resolution displays.

Analytical Displays

See all key figures at a glance

TMOS SCADA uses a rich variety of animated trends, bars, gauges and polar charting formats to enhance the operator's user experience in regards to understanding the operational processes. Charts and trends are user customizable with built-in tools.


Effectively focus of attention

ITS understands that no human is perfect, but we also understand early detection and early remedy will save millions of dollars. TMOS SCADA is equipped with multiple ways to alert or notify the maintenance personnel on each and every event that requires attention, whether he or she is in the control room, working on site or standing by at home.

The methods by which TMOS SCADA is currently capable of making notifications are:

As mentioned before we are pleased to help you customize and build anything not mentioned above. Please speak to one of our representatives about your unique specifications.

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