Maintenance - TMOS SCADA - Turbine Monitoring System

Powerful tools for the skilled ones

For the maintenance professionals, TMOS SCADA offers intuitive and powerful maintenance programs that are specifically crafted for each interfacing device, and some generic programming or memory altering software. Of course, these programs are normally not meant for public access. TMOS SCADA allows access and authority control at the HMI level, not by signed in operating system user account (that requires log-off log-in hassles to switch).

Dynamic Rung Display

To know what's going on

One of the most used and requested features is the "Dynamic Rung Display". It allows users to check the status of control and protection sequences running inside the control system. The sequence viewer is made much easier to use. It shows dynamic control sequence conditions with status updates in real-time. Troubleshooting is made easier by allowing direct tracing of the root (coil) of any signal. This tool stores the last 10 rungs (steps) a user has visited and allows fast reviewing.

Constants Adjust and Logic Forcing

Advanced setting options for the insider

Forcing logic or changing control constants values with this tool. Memory (for example EEPROM) updates on control constants can be done from here too.

Access Policy

Security for your business-critical applications and networks

TMOS SCADA allows unlimited definitions of different user access levels to be made, of which each of these might have unique and limited program access. An administrator will be given access to all programs. For example, a shift charge operator will have access to view the rung display while a normal shift operator will have access to use the graphical displays only. The access policy can be customized by the administrator at anytime.

Redundancy Management

When safety has highest priority

When there is more than one duplicate of TMOS SCADA's server programs existing in a network, they form a redundant pair or cluster. TMOS SCADA client programs are able to identify the existence and availability of server programs automatically without any need for manual configurations. In the event of failure on any server, or it being taken offline, the client program will automatically switch to the redundant hot standby server program.

With TMOS SCADA, it is literally possible to have an unlimited number of servers implemented on a singular, dual, or more complicated network. Events initiated by any client on the network will be transmitted to all registered servers so that they will have the same data and perform the same processes.

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