TMOS SCADA Mark V specific Tools

Connectivity to Mark V internals

TMOS SCADA for Mark V application has all the tools engineered to be more efficient and powerful, for reading and modifying the parameters of SPEEDTRONIC™ Mark V control system.

Diagnostic Counter

What's the problem? - Hardware fault isolation tool

The Mark V Diagnostic Data Display enables user access to the diagnostic information of each Mark V I/O cards. Pages can be printed out or saved as soft copies for future references. Such convenience also enables the possibility of building information benchmarks based on the accumulated counters trends.

ARCWHO and CARD_ID - Information about the ARCNet

Who is out there?

A 2-in-1 tool to check Stage Link nodes addresses and the firmware versions of each of the Mark V I/O cards.

Pre-vote Data Display

Triple modular redundancy as it works

This tool is made handy for checking the pre-voted values of all voted signals in each core. Mismatched pre-voted values are highlighted in red, for easy spotting.

Servo Regulator Calibrator

Servo setup and calibration

This intuitive servo regulator calibration tool helps the user to calibrate up to 8 servo regulator control loops in Mark V. The user may choose to use manual or auto calibration mode.

EEPROM Programmer

Compile and transfer changes to the PLC - Single click compilation and download

This Mark V EEPROM Programmer is now in Windows GUI with TMOS SCADA. It allows the user to download, upload and check Mark V EEPROM files in a much more user-friendly environment.

Control Constants Check

Compare memory with source files

This tool enables users to compare and check the values of all Mark V control constants in all possible locations, namely in the EEPROMs of all 3 cores, RAMs of all 3 cores and in the CONSTANT_Q.SRC file.

The interface is simple and intuitive. Checked results are clearly displayed on a windows based interface. Constants with differentiating values can be shortlisted for further investigation.

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